Scale SERP Search Results - Data API Endpoint

Search Results by api key, query, search type, time period, data cid, data id, next page token and limit.

Get bulk Search Results data from the Scale SERP API | Official API: | 👥  Contributors: steve 🚩  Report

✏️ Inputs

API Key api_key Required

Your ScaleSERP API Key:

E.g. demo
Query query Optional

If using regular search, the query to search for. You can use regular Google syntax like or use keywords, etc…

Search Type search_type Optional

The type of results to return. By default will be Google search results, but can be changed to:

  • news
  • images
  • videos
  • autocomplete
  • scholar
  • places
  • place_details
  • place_reviews
  • place_products
  • place_posts
  • shopping
  • product
Time Period time_period Optional

Specify if you want to limit when the results were published - useful for tracking new search results. Possible values:

  • last_hour
  • last_day
  • last_week
  • last_month
  • last_year
Data CID data_cid Optional

Some searches need a data_cid, provide this here if needed.

E.g. 1100080596967423812
Data ID data_id Optional

If using the Google Places Reviews, Products or Posts “Search Type” then you will need to provide a data_id here. See the Google Maps API for more information on scraping Place IDs, or ScaleSERP’s documentation here:

E.g. 0x89c259cea3b62d4d:0x4519bf551f37923f
Next Page Token next_page_token Optional

Use this for pagination to get the next page of results for certain use cases, like Google Maps reviews. Leave blank for the first request.

IMPORTANT: Please do not alter this in workflow settings unless you know what you’re doing!

E.g. EgIICg
Limit limit Optional

How many results to return per page. Maximum is 100, except for Google Places search which is only 20.

Location location Optional

Location to search from. Please see official documentation for when using with Google Maps Places Search.

Page page Optional

Page number, start at 1, then 2, 3, 4.... This works for most use cases, but some cases require use of the “Next Page Token” instead. If your workflow is having trouble paginating, please see the official docs for help.

📝 Notes

Posted by steve on June 29, 2022, 6:31 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ api_key }}&q={{ query }}&page={{ page }}&num={{ limit }}&search_type={{ search_type }}&time_period={{ time_period }}&location={{ location }}&data_id={{ data_id }}&data_cid={{ data_cid }}&next_page_token={{ next_page_token }}