⚙️ TikTok User Details - Multiple Usernames Workflow Formula By steve

Import this formula to scrape a list of TikTok users by their usernames. The data includes the user’s IDs, follower counts (so you can filter to find influencers) and their bios (under the “signature” field) which sometimes contains email addresses.

Note that this information is also available in the search and hashtag posts endpoint, so this is really only useful if you need to track a static list of users (perhaps follower count) over time.

Note, this requires a TikAPI key to use, which is a separate paid service.

⚙️  TikTok User Details - Multiple Usernames

Country Example: us

From which country to make the request.


  • TikTok User Details .
Posted by steve on Jan. 18, 2022, 6:41 p.m. 🚩  Report