⚙️ TikTok Hashtag Posts - Pagination Workflow Formula By steve

Import this formula to scrape bulk posts from TikTok that contain a particular hashtag of interest. This will automatically page through search results (30 results at a time) to give you back a combined list of TikTok users and their posts matching your query. The data includes the user’s IDs, follower counts (so you can filter to find influencers) and their bios (under the “signature” field) which sometimes contains email addresses.

Note, this requires a TikAPI key to use, which is a separate paid service.

⚙️  TikTok Hashtag Posts - Pagination

TikApi Hashtag Posts - Pagination Cursor (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited ➡️ Pagination Cursor

Used for pagination, the starting number of the item list.

Hashtag Name Example: beer

The hashtag name without the #. E.g. beer. Note that this will not return the full results. Please only use this for initial testing or if you just need to scrape a few posts.

Country Example: us

From which country to make the request.

Pagination Cursor Example: 0

Used for pagination, the starting number of the item list.

Hashtag ID Example: 20076

Use this to scrape a large list of hashtag posts. If you don’t know the ID, you can run this with “Hashtag Name” first, e.g. beer and then look for the value in challengeInfo.challenge.id in the <root> collection. Then enter that here to scrape the full list of hashtag posts.


  • Hashtag Posts .itemList
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