⚙️ TikTok Discover Search - Pagination Workflow Formula By steve

Import this formula to scrape bulk search results from TikTok. This will automatically page through search results (20 results at a time) to give you back a combined list of TikTok users or music matching your query. The data includes the user’s IDs, follower counts (so you can filter to find influencers) and their bios (under the “signature” field) which sometimes contains email addresses.

This is helpful for scraping a large list of users matching your search query (something that basic search does not support).

IMPORTANT Make sure you provide a “query” or else pagination will not work properly. Please contact support for help if you want to scrape the full discover page (no query provided).

Note, this requires a TikAPI key to use, which is a separate paid service.

⚙️  TikTok Discover Search - Pagination

TikApi Discover - Pagination Offset (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited
Increment: 20
➡️ Pagination Cursor

Starting number of the items in the list.

Query Example: boating

Search query.

Country Example: us

From which country to make the request.

Category Example: users

What to search for. Can be:

  • users
  • music
  • hashtag
Pagination Cursor Example: 0

Starting number of the items in the list.


  • TikTok Music .musicInfoList.itemList
  • TikTok Users .userInfoList
Posted by steve on Jan. 19, 2022, 4:31 p.m. 🚩  Report