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OYO Rooms Listings - Multiple Cities

Get basic information back (including ammenities) about hotel & rooms for rent listed on Oyo Rooms for multiple cities. You can target multiple cities to get back bulk data from everything combined into a single CSV or JSON file for easy ingestion and analysis.

Getting Started

Import this formula to copy the workflow into your account, where you’ll then be able to configure and run it. You’ll need to provide the target City IDs you want, which you’ll have to refer to Oyo Rooms Search and check out the network traffic and/or HTML to determinte the City IDs you’ll need. Once entered in the source collection, you’ll be able to see the exeuction preview which shows what would happen if executed and how the workflow would then aggregate together all of the listings & ammenities data.

Disclaimer: This formula contains endpoints that are not part of official APIs endorsed by oyorooms.com and is documented here only for informational purposes. These endpoints were obtained through use of software or services made publicly available by oyorooms.com. Use of this formula may breach the terms of service governing oyorooms.com. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal?
OYO Rooms Listings - Multiple Cities
OYO Rooms City IDs
➡️ City ID

Pagination Offset Example: 0

Pagination offset

Hotel Type ID Example: 10

Hotel type ID, e.g. 10 for a home, 6 for an apartment, 0 for a hotel.

Pagination Limit Example: 20

Limit of results to get

  • OYO Rooms Listing Amenities
  • OYO Rooms Listings