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Instagram User Emails & Details - Multiple User IDs By steve

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Get Instagram user details (including email, phone, location & business category when listed publicly) from a list of Instagram User IDs. This formula contains a single workflow that can iterate through a list of User IDs and return back the user details in a single, bulk CSV or JSON file.

Getting Started

Start by importing this formula, which will add the workflow to your account. You can then enter the Instagram User IDs you want to get the details for in the input collection to see the execution preview, of what the workflow could do.

Note: Instagram User IDs are numbers, not human-readable usernames. If the hypothetical output is missing columns (e.g. you only get back username & ID), then something is wrong with your Session ID and you need to try again. Each request’s response size will be over 1,000 bytes when Instagram is returning the full user details.

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Published by steve on Sept. 13, 2019, 1:10 p.m. 🚩 Report

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