Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details

This workflow will accept a list of hashtags you want to get the emails & user details on. This workflow consists of 2 routines that are automatically chained together:

  1. Go through each of the hashtags and get all of the posts (including the User ID) of who posted the content. The list of User IDs is then de-duplicated and passed on to the second step.
  2. Take the list of User IDs and get the emails & details for each one, combining the results together.

Start by using the (1/2) workflow and enter your hashtag list (one per line) in the source collection. Enter the hashtag(s) in lowercase without the #.

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Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details (1/2)
Instagram Hashtags
➡️ Hashtag

Instagram Hashtag Posts - Pagination Cursor (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited ➡️ Pagination Cursor

Used for pagination, pass the value back from your last response here to get the next set.

  • Instagram Hashtag Posts - Recents
Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details (2/2)

Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details (1/2) (External Trigger) Aggregator: Instagram Hashtag Posts - Recents ➡️ User ID

User ID to fetch information for. If you only know the Username, see the User Profile endpoint to get the User ID from the Username.

  • Session ID
  • Instagram User Details