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Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details By steve

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Get Instagram user details (email, phone number, location, business category, etc…) for users who posted with a particular hashtag recently. This is a great approach if you need to target an audience who would be using specific hashtags on Instagram. For example, to find digital marketing firms, you target Instagram users who posted with the hashtags #contentmarketing or #contentstrategy recently. You can then use this data to aid in your advertising or marketing efforts!

Note: This will only provide email, phone number, location & business information for business accounts on Instagram who list this contact information publicly. This method will only get as many recent hashtag posts as Instagram sends back, meaning for very popular hashtags you will not be able to get all of the recent posts back in time.

Getting Started

Start by importing this formula, which will add 2 chained workflows to your account. You can then enter the hashtags you want to target into step 1’s input collection (make sure the hashtags are lowercased and do not have the # in it). If executed, the workflow would begin gathering all the basic information for posts that contain the hashtag(s) you’re interested in.

Note that step 1 goes through one hashtag at a time, so it may be a good idea to add a pagination limit (per hashtag) if you want to get only a few pages of results per hashtag. If speed is a concern, you could always perform multiple simultaneous runs of different hashtags.

Once step 1 is done, it will trigger step 2 to run which will de-duplicate the list of User IDs who posted with the hashtag(s) and then get the user details for them (passing the Session ID provided in step 1 to step 2). This step takes a long time to complete, so you may want to stop it after a few hours or so if you need data quickly, otherwise be prepared to wait, getting back about 10,000 user details per day. You can run workflows in parallel if you need to speed it up.

Start by importing the (1/2) workflow and enter your hashtag list (one per line) in the source collection to see the execution plan for what the worfklow chain could do if executed.

Note: Enter the hashtag(s) in lowercase without the #. If the (2/2) hypothetical output is missing columns (e.g. you only get back username & ID), then something is wrong with your Session ID and you need to try again. Each request’s response size will be over 1,000 bytes when Instagram is returning the full user details.

⚙️ Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details (1/2)
Instagram Hashtags
➡️ Hashtag

Instagram Hashtag Posts - Pagination Cursor (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited ➡️ Pagination Cursor
  • Session ID

Pagination Cursor
  • Instagram Hashtag Posts - Recents
⚙️ Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details (2/2)

Instagram Hashtag Posts -> Author Email & Details (1/2) (External Trigger) Extractor: Instagram Hashtag Posts - Recents ➡️ User ID
  • Session ID
  • Instagram User Details
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