Instagram User Followers - Pagination

This will get the most recent ~30,000 followers for a target Instagram account(s) by paginating (scrolling through) the target account’s follower feed.

After about 30,000 followers Instagram rate limits you from scrolling through more. If you need a larger list from a popular account, you can try running this every week or so as the 30,000 results Instagram gives you should change (assuming the target account gains new followers).

This can work with a single target account or a list of target accounts and the results will combine everything together (so use multiple runs if you care about which follower came from which source).

You will need to supply the target accounts User IDs, which will be numeric values like 123456, NOT the URL nor username of the users. If you don’t have the IDs and only the usernames, please see the Instagram User Profile endpoint to get User IDs from usernames.

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Instagram Followers - Pagination
Instagram User IDs - Followers For
➡️ User ID

Instagram User Followers - End Cursor (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited ➡️ Max ID

Leave this blank for the first request. Used for pagination, add back this value from the previous response.

  • Session ID
  • Instagram User Followers