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Home Depot Product Search - Pagination

Get the full results back for Home Depot product searches in bulk CSV format, including product details, pricing, local inventory, photos & more. You can run this with a single search query or aggregate the results of multiple searches together (if you have a list of items you need to look up on Home Depot for example).

Getting Started

Import this formula to add its workflow into your account, which you can then execute. You’ll be prompted to enter in search terms and can optionally enter Home Depot store IDs if you want the results to come back localized to your store, otherwise the results appear to be for the national online store. You can also change the input mapping to search for an entire category, see the Category ID under Optional Inputs for more information.

Disclaimer: This formula contains endpoints that are not part of official APIs endorsed by homedepot.com and is documented here only for informational purposes. These endpoints were obtained through use of software or services made publicly available by homedepot.com. Use of this formula may breach the terms of service governing homedepot.com. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal?
Home Depot Product Search - Pagination
Home Depot Search Terms
➡️ Keyword

Home Depot Product Search - Pagination Offset (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited
Increment: 48
➡️ Pagination Offset

Pagination Offset

API Key Example: MtNfr9rEWkRsxkc71IdtDBAp7E2p8GSy

Required to use the Home Depot API. The default value is what appears to ship with the iOS Home Depot app, but you may have access to additional information if you intercept this value via proxy using your account.


Search by keyword, SKU, UPC, model number or Internet ID.

Store ID

ID of the store(s) to return inventory results on. Separate multiple IDs with a comma. You can search Home Depot stores by location to get the IDs.

In-Store Filter Example: all

Use this when providing a Store ID in the input. Change this to instore to only get back products that are in-stock at the store. The default value of all will show all products the store may carry (in and out of stock).

Page Size Example: 48

Page Size

Pagination Offset Example: 0

Pagination Offset

Category ID

Category ID(s) of products to search within. You can fetch Home Depot’s Main Categories to start with the top-level categories. For sub-categories, you can browse homedepot.com and use the last part of a category’s URL (e.g. 5yc1vZbrfe) to show products from that category. Search multiple categories by separating each ID with a comma.

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