⚙️ Guidebox Movie Details - Multiple Movie IDs Workflow Formula By steve

Get movie details (like release year, genre, rating, etc…) for movies from the Guidebox Movie Details Endpoint. This formula will let you enter a list of Guidebox Movie IDs and process the results in batch, so you can download a single CSV or JSON file with thousands of movie details in it at once.

Getting Started

Import this formula to add the workflow into your account, then simply execute it with your Guidebox API key and list of Movie IDs and the workflow will make a request for each movie ID, aggregating all results together into a single CSV or JSON file with all of the Guidebox movies in it (accessing Guidebox on your behalf).

⚙️  Guidebox Movie Details - Multiple Movie IDs


Guidebox Movie IDs
➡️ Movie ID

Movie ID

  • Guidebox API Key

    Your Guidebox API Key - you can sign up for a free trial from Guidebox if you need one.


  • Guidebox Movie Details .
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