⚙️ Best Buy Product Search - Pagination Workflow Formula By steve

Get full results back from a Best Buy search for products using the Best Buy API’s Search Endpoint for a single keyword or set of keywords. This formula’s single workflow will automatically paginate through results for you and process multiple search terms, returning everything in a single CSV file.

Getting Started

Import this formula to add the workflow into your account, where you can then add Best Buy search terms into the input collection and then run the workflow. The workflow will run a full pagination for each search term and then send back the combined results in a CSV file.

⚙️  Best Buy Product Search - Pagination


Best Buy Product Searches
➡️ Search Query

How to query the Best Buy product API. See official documentation for the query format examples.

To search by a category, see the Category Search endpoint, get the Category ID and add this to the end of your query: &categoryPath.id=CATEGORY_ID

If you want to search by free text, use the search=YOUR QUERY HERE pattern as is in the sample value.

(Auto Increment) ➡️ Page Number

Page number, starting at 1.

  • Best Buy API Key

    Your Best Buy API key - you’ll need to register for one.

Page Number Example: 1

Page number, starting at 1.

Pagination Limit Example: 100

Pagination Limit


  • Best Buy Product .products
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