Countdown eBay Product Data - Data API Endpoint

eBay Product Data by api key, gtin, category id, condition, customer location, customer zipcode, listing type and search query.

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✏️ Inputs

API Key api_key Required

Your Countdown API Key. Get this value in your Countdown API Account.

E.g. demo
GTIN gtin Optional

Look up a product by GTIN or UPC on eBay.

Category ID category_id Optional

Restrict search to a specific category. Look for _sacat in an eBay URL to get the category ID you’re interested in. Or if you navigate to a category URL like the category ID is in the middle, or 9355.

E.g. 9355
Condition condition Optional

Restrict search results to a specific condition. Possible values:

  • all
  • new
  • used
  • open_box
  • manufacturer_refurbished
  • seller_refurbished
  • parts_or_not_working
  • not_specified
E.g. all
Customer Location customer_location Optional

Which location to check the price for. See Customer Locations for possible values. Useful for checking estimated shipping costs.

E.g. us
Customer Zipcode customer_zipcode Optional

If shipping to the US, provide a zip code for more accurate shipping estimates.

E.g. 10001
Listing Type listing_type Optional

Restrict the search to a specific listing type. Possible values are:

  • all
  • buy_it_now
  • auction
  • accepts_offers
E.g. all
Search Query search_query Optional

What to search for when using the search response type.

E.g. memory cards
Sort sort Optional

How to sort results for search. Possible values:

  • best_match
  • price_high_to_low
  • price_low_to_high
  • price_high_to_low_plus_postage
  • price_low_to_high_plus_postage
  • newly_listed
  • ending_soonest
E.g. best_match
eBay Product ID epid Optional

The product ID, or epid found in the eBay URL to look up.

E.g. 15022478164
Response Data response_data Default search

What type of response data to receive back, or “type.” Possible values:

  • search
  • purchase_history
  • product
  • reviews
  • seller_profile
  • seller_feedback
Ebay Domain ebay_domain Optional

Ebay domain name required for some response types.

Page page Optional

Page number. Start at 1.

📝 Notes

Posted by steve on Feb. 7, 2023, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ api_key }}&type={{ response_data }}&ebay_domain={{ ebay_domain }}&search_term={{ search_query }}&epid={{ epid }}&gtin={{ gtin }}&category_id={{ category_id }}&listing_type={{ listing_type }}&sort_by={{ sort }}&condition={{ condition }}&page={{ page }}&num=200&customer_location={{ customer_location }}&customer_zipcode={{ customer_zipcode }}