Scrape Alexa Web Data Legally via Official API

Scrape Alexa Web data via API into bulk CSV or JSON files for research, analysis, or prototyping. Download complete, fully paginated results with our transparent platform. Stevesie has no affiliation with Alexa Web.


Get Bulk Data | From Alexa Web's API | Into Your Project

Scraping Alexa Data

Alexa (not the robot) is a web information service that specializes in ranking domains against each other based on global internet usage and other factors. It also offers other features like keyword research, related domains & much more! Alexa offers an official API you can use to build custom integrations with, or scrape public data from.

Getting Started

Amzon makes it pretty easy, just go to the Alexa API Homepage and Amazon will ask you to sign in. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see your API key on the portal and can then use it with the API developer guide to call different endpoints.

You’ll need to write custom code around these endpoints if you’re looking to do anything on-demand or advanced. However, if you just need to scrape bulk data for analysis or on a recurring basis, you can use the endpoints on this page which will access the Alexa API on your behalf and return its data in an easy-to-use format, such as CSV or JSON so you can immediately make use of this data without needing to write any code.

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